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Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,


MONTHLY JOURNAL Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

CONTENTS No. 1 (541), January 2015


Sogrin V.V. The USA as Liberal Democratic Empire____________________________________________3

The author describes the foreign policy of the U.S. as imperial discussing an important distinction of the United States from all empires of the past. American imperial messianizm at all times was consecrated by the ideals of democracy and liberalism. The author discovers how organic and deeply contradictory synthesis of Empire, liberalism and democracy influenced internal and external policy of the USA in past and present. Keywords: democratic liberal Empire, the Empire by invitation, idealism and realism, neo-conservatism, the present day world order.

Samuylov S.M. On Cardinal Change of U.S. Policy towards Russia____________________21

In this article the author tries to explain why during 2014 a drastic, and most threatening aggravation of Russian-American relations since the end of cold war has occurred. The role of presidential personality, traditional American foreign policy mentality and mass media impact has been also analyzed. Concurrently there are major spheres of mutual interests and cooperation between the USA and Russia. Keywords: achievements of reset, partnership with Russia, Ukrainian crisis, "Russia's aggression", referendum in the Crimea, secession from Ukraine, reality's abstractness, sanctions, spheres of mutual interests, cooperation.

Shavshukov V.M. Slow-moving Recession, New Phenomena

and Regularity of Global Financial Crisis____________________________________________________________39

The global crisis of 2008- 2009 and ongoing recession have increased the imbalances and gap in efficiency, quality of life, adaptability to new technology between developed and developing economies. The Western Central Banks are taking anti-crisis measures: provide loans, buy distressed sovereign debt. It was decided to establish the United Banking Alliance. But the growth of the world economy by itself will not solve all the problems. The world is faced with the necessity of joint actions of the G-20 and of solving the problems of civilization. Keywords: Global crisis, recession and anti-crisis policy in Euro Zone, imbalance and contradictions between U.S. and other world.

Khoroshilov E.E. Canadian Financial Sector Regulations

and Securities Market Surveillance Reform_______________________________________________________52

The article examines world migration trends, economic opportunities for immigrants in the United States; the role of foreign-born persons in the U.S. economy, labor force participation among the foreign-born; focusing on President Obama's immigration policy. Keywords: U.S. world migration, the Obama administration, labor force, foreign-born.


Notes, Comments

Travkina N.M. The End of the Obama Presidency ................................................65

The results of the 2014 mid-term elections are analyzed. The Republicans won landslide victory over the Democrats. The main factor that contributed to the Republican gains in the Senate and House among others, was mass discontent of the American electorate with the Obama politics and the style of governance. In the end two interpretation models of the election results are presented by the author. Keywords: mid-term elections 2014, Democratic party, Republican party, U.S. Congress, Tea party, U.S. economic conditions.


Pechurov S.L. History of the U.S. Air Power: by Error and Trial________________________78

The article traces the different views of the U.S. Navy and Army Command over the future of military aviation between the World Wars. Keywords: Navy, Air Force, Army, airplane, intelligence, concept, doctrine, evolution of the weapons, tactics of warfare, battleships, military transformation.

Reader's Deliberations

Kul'kov V.M., Teniakov I.M. ICT Revolution Impact on Security,

Economy and Politics____________________________________________________________________________________________87

Authors write that EA. Rogovsky in his newly published monograph "Cyber Washington's global ambitions" analyzes the impact of ICT on different aspects of economic and social life in the United States; the issues of security, economic dynamics, policies are disclosed; the political economy perspectives of the information society are revealed. The review contains a number of controversial issues. Keywords: information society, information and communication technologies (ICT), cyberspace, political economy, economic policy.

Background Material

Be/ousov S.A., Lebedeva L.F. U.S. Federal Employees Employment

and Payment_________________________________________________________________________________________________________98

The article examines personal compensation and benefits of federal employees in U.S. at the beginning of XXI century; key indicators - the federal workforce composition, quantity and quality characteristics, employment in different agencies; points peculiarities of B. Obama's policy payment concerning federal civilian employees. Keywords: U.S., personal compensation, benefits, federal budget, federal employees, the Obama administration.

U.S. States

New York (NY)______________________________________________________________________________________________________110

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