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Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,


MONTHLY JOURNAL Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

CONTENTS No. 11 (539), November 2014


Kremenyuk V.A. Cold War: How It Was and How It Ended


25 years ago in December 1989 there was Soviet-U.S. summit meeting on the island of Malta. The Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President George Bush, Senior met to discuss the urgent world affairs and both made historical statements on the end of the Cold War. No doubt this was an extraordinary event of an outstanding importance for the whole world. Keywords: Cold War, conflict, arms race, conflict settlement, negotiation, conflict/cooperation.

Zhuravleva V.Yu. The American Leadership:

Political and Conceptual Origins_________________________________________________________________________19

The world order crisis that we witness today brings back to the discussion the question of American leadership. This article analyses the ideas and clue features of American political process that nourish its leader ambitions. Keywords: American leadership, isolationism, messianism, party polarization, ideological clash, angry white man, smart power.

Mikhnevich S.V. Factor of China in U.S. Policy in Asia-Pacific Region..............33

The article examines features of China's influence on implication of the U.S. foreign policy in Asia-Pacific Region (APR), key mechanisms of interactions, main tendencies in development of international relations in Asia-Pacific Region and South-East Asia, in particular. Keywords: the USA, People's Republic of China, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Region, South-East Asia, security, strategy, leadership, region, regional security complex, South-China Sea, external policy, economy, foreign affairs, traditional security, non-traditional security.

Alkhimenkov M.A. Social Networks and Contemporary U.S.

Internet Diplomacy_______________________________________________________________________________________________52

In the article the author describes American Internet-diplomacy, which became an important aspect of public diplomacy of the United States. The Obama administration considers it as the key element of U.S. foreign policy. The rapid growth of social networks worldwide led to increase of interest of Department of State to this sphere. U.S. digital diplomacy "was born" in the

times of previous administration, but its real rise had occurred under the leadership of H. Clinton. Now "digital reform" and social networking are shaping the new form of American public diplomacy. Keywords: US public diplomacy, diplomacy Web 2.0, digital diplomacy, U.S. twitter diplomacy, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, American "soft power".

Economic Survey

Rey A.I. Industrial Pricing in the U.S. in 2001-2014:

The Role of Speculation and Cartels ..................................................................67

The author brings pricing factors in the US in 2001—2014 under one conceptual framework and uncovers the importance of speculation and collusion in organized markets in this period with the most volatile pricing trends in the American economic history since World War I. Pricing behavior is discussed for a large number of individual industries based on official statistics. Keywords: pricing factors, speculations, cartel collusions.

Notes, Comments

Bashkiroff M.B., Maximova D.D. Québec Elections-2014 Results:

Referendum Won't Be Held _________________________________________________________________________________89

The results of the provincial general elections that were held in Québec on April 7, 2014 were unexpected. Among the members elected to the National Assembly the Liberal Party of Québec won the majority while the then ruling party, the Parti Québécois, traditionally in favor of sovereignty, suffered severe losses. Consequently, the idea of Québec's independence remains unaccomplished. Keywords: Québec, provincial general elections 2014, Parti Québécois, sovereignty, Liberal Party of Québec, Canada.

Reader's Deliberations

Romanov V.V. The USSR and the USA on the Way

to Superpower Status: The Regional Dimension________________________________________________97

The author deliberates on the monograph:

Collision Course: The Policy of the USSR and the USA in the Balkans, the Near and Middle East in 1939-1947 /

Ed. by V.T. Yungblud. Kirov: Vyatka State University of Humanities Press, 2014. 510 p.

It presents comparative historical analysis of the USSR and the USA policies in the Balkans, the Near and Middle East during World War II and the postwar settlement focusing on the problem of expanding global interests of the two countries to the peripheral areas of world politics, that will be one of the reasons for the formation of the bipolar system of international relations. Keywords: World War II, the postwar peace settlement, Soviet foreign policy, U.S. foreign policy, the Balkans, the Near and Middle East, the origin of the Cold War.

Book Review

World Trade / Ed. by R.I. Khasbulatov (reviewed by L.F. Lebedeva)__________________105

The review presents the textbook on world trade by leading experts on world economic relations who analyze fundamental theory and modern world trade trends. Keywords: world economy, world trade, goods, services, intellectual property, trade balance, regional economic integration.

Background Material

Zakharov A.I. Russian-American Visa Regime Evolution

after the Cold War_______________________________________________________________________________________________107

The article deals with the analysis of the development of the visa regime between Russia and the United States. The author defines the stages of the bilateral visa policy evolution and outlines the distinctive features of each stage. The current visa issues of U.S.-Russia relations are revealed. Keywords: visa policy of U.S. and RF, visa issues, U.S. and RF bilateral relations.

U.S. States

Nevada (NV) 117

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