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Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,


USA * Canada

MONTHLY JOURNAL Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

CONTENTS No. 2 (542), February 2015


DavydovA.Yu. Problems and Restrictions of U.S. — Russia

Economic Relations______________________________________________________________________________________________3

The article covers key approaches to the problems of U.S. — Russia trade and economic relations. The structure of mutual trade is not corresponding to the U.S. and Russia's economic and industrial potentials. The author analyses the current structure of U.S. — Russia trade and discuss some suggestions as to settling mutual problems. Keywords: U.S. - Russia economic relations, U.S - Russia trade, structure of U.S. — Russia trade, prospects of U.S. — Russia trade.

Batuk V.I. The Iraq Syndrome: U.S. Military Policy, the Present Stage_____________17

In any foreseeable future the trauma of prolonged and unsuccessful military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq would have a strong impact on the process of decision-making in the sphere of the U.S. National Security. The American military planning would be influenced also by the shortage of finance and the necessity to adapt to the polycentric world order. Keywords: National Security Strategy, the Iraq syndrome, regional military partnership, non-state actors.

Shumih'n A.I. Pro-Israeli Factor in the U.S. Policy in the Middle East________________32

The article examines the mechanisms shaping the Middle East policy of the United States with the special focus on the role played by the Jewish associations as well as Pro-Israeli lobbying structures. The author is dispelling the myth pretending that the Pro-Israeli Lobby were exerting the major impact on the Washington's decision-making with regard to the Middle East. Keywords: Jewish organizations, lobby, foreign policy, USA, Israel, Arab countries, conspiracy.

Volodin D.A. Canada and the New Strategic Concept of NATO_________________________ 48

The article is devoted to the changing role of NATO in Canada's defence policy. The main attention is paid to the transition of Canada from regional to global understanding of NATO. Keywords: Canada's defence policy, enlargement of NATO, peacekeeping, missile defence.

Reader's Deliberations

VasiHev V.S, Rogovsky Eu.A. Money Should Die: How Cold War

Transforms into Financial One .............................................................................65

Relying on conceptions of J. Rickards' Study, authors have analyzed the new functions of U.S. intelligence community, namely the financial monitoring of global financial markets. The immediate impetus for this change of the American special services priorities were events of 9/11/2001. It is shown that the present system of global finance is the scene of scams and speculative frauds, which could create crises at both the major national economies as well as in the system of global finance as a whole. Keywords: international monetary system, financial elite, financial intelligence, financial bubbles, financial scams, speculative frauds, stock markets.


Nosov M.G. U.S. and Japan Between the Beginning

of the World War II and Pearl-Harbor_________________________________________________________________79

Period between the beginning of the World War II and the Japanese attack on Pearl-Harbor was the most tensed in the whole history of the American — Japanese relations. The future of these relations depended on shifts within quadrangle Washington — Tokyo — Moscow — Berlin. After the beginning of WWII the United States and Japan. Japan made its choice in December 1941 when American naval base in Hawaii was attacked by Japanese Air force. Keywords: USA, Japan, USSR, Germany, the World War II, embargo.


Petrov V.O. Bright Advance-Guard Composer

(the Style of George Crumb)_______________________________________________________________________________97

In this article the author analyses the main stylistic norms, realized in the creative work of the American advance-guard composer George Crumb. These are the correlation of musical space and scenic space, theatrical action in the instrumental composition and the insertion of words, verbal basis, into the instrumental composition etc. The article is devoted to the anniversary of the composer. Keywords: Crumb, Lorca, postmodernism, music of XX century, innovations, images of Death.


Konareva L.A. National Security from the Point of View

of Dr. E. Deming's Theory____________________________________________________________________________________113

Problems of national and global security, the problem of managing chaos and complexity are discussed. Instability in some countries manifests itself in political conflicts and local wars. All these phenomena require Systems Thinking to improve managing of complex social systems. The article highlights the necessity of changing economy model of development in 21s1 century. Personality of Dr. Deming and main points of his profound knowledge theory as well possibility of its application to national and global security issues are described. Keywords: globalization, international war conflicts, managing chaos, systems thinking, E. Deming, profound knowledge theory, national and global security, Sheila R. Ronis.

Book Review

Tsvetkova N.A. reviews the book: From Beurocratic to Presidential Decision-making Pattern by D.A. Lanko, in which the author demonstrates how perceptions of the system of international relations of U.S. President G.W. Bush and Russian President V.V. Putin influenced foreign policy decision-making in there respective countries in 2000-2008 ________________________________________________________________________________________124

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