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USA * Canada

Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,



Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin


No. 3 (543), March 2015


Porokhovsky A.A. Structural Changes of the U.S. Economy after the 2007-2009 Crisis___________________________________________________


Theoretical and practical issues of the U.S. Economy structural changes after the 2007-2009 crisis are discussed in the article. Crisis is shown as a special phase of business cycle. Consideration is given to IT-impact on the structure of industries and economy as a whole and on productivity in particular. Goods production remains the base for economic growth. Transportation infrastructure provides the entire market space of the country and government plays an active role in this process. Keywords: American economy, structure of the economy, reproduction, business cycle, economic growth, IT, transportation infrastructure, productivity, national economic security.

Parkansky A.B. Myths and Realities of the U.S. — China

Economic Relations______________________________________________________________________________________________19

The author discusses the modern trends in the U.S. - China economic interaction, including territorial and commodity structure of exports and imports, off-shoring and re-shoring. Keywords: foreign trade deficit, territorial and commodity structure of exports and imports, off-shoring and re-shoring.

The United States are among the seven countries which still have not ratified the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) adopted by the United Nations GA in 1979 and Entered in force in September 1981. Why the United States which claim to be a champion of human rights and a consistent supporter of democratic principles, so stubbornly opposed to the ratification of the CEDAW? Keywords: the Congress, the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Bill of Women Rights, Feminist Majority, The CEDAW Committee.

Shvedova N.A. Bill of Women Rights in the USA: Still in the Congress After 35 Years ___________________


Reader's Deliberations

Vasiliev V.S., Rogovsky Eu.A. The Main Paradox of the Market Economy: Transformation of the Financial War into a New Cold War................................47

The possible scenarios of financial wars are analyzed which had been used against Iran in 2012—2013. These wars are based on the use of cyber weapons that can inflict more damage to economic systems than any military weapons. In terms of methodology the theory of financial warfare is based on the postulate that even small changes in the mode of functioning of the financial system can produce a systemic collapse of the national economy. Keywords: financial warfare, financial cyber weapon, stability of financial and economic system, secular stagnation, Russian-American relations.

On the Capitol Hill

Troitskiy M.A. The U.S. Congress and U.S. Policy Towards Azerbaijan

in the mid-2010s_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 63

After a period of relative neglect, Azerbaijan has moved into the focus of U.S. policy in post-Soviet Eurasia since mid-2000s. The U.S. Congress has shifted from imposing restrictions on the U.S. — Azerbaijan rapprochement to becoming one of the key motive forces behind the bilateral partnership. This has happened mainly under the influence of business lobbies vying for lucrative opportunities in the Azeri energy sector and pressure from Azerbaijan-sympathizing Turkic lobbies in a number of Congressional districts. Congress members have mostly changed to more neutral their view of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and tempered their response to human rights challenges in Azerbaijan as Baku's strategic priorities have become more aligned with Washington's. This allowed Azerbaijan to balance the Russian influence on its foreign policy. Keywords: Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, Republicans, Democrats, Ukraine, lobbying, interest group, foreign policy, U.S. politics, pipeline, oil, natural gas, Obama, Cardin, Aliyev.


Terebov O.V. Joseph-Elzear Bernier, Canadian Polar Captain_____________________________74

The article describes the activities of J.-E. Bernier, a Canadian polar explorer, aimed in the early 20th century at affirming Canada's sovereignty over islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, including application of the «sector principle». It is concluded that the results of Bernier's activities have up to now provided one of the historical foundations of the «Arctic sovereignty» of Canada. Keywords: the Arctic, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, the Northwest Passage, polar exploration, sovereignty, «sector principle».

Translations and Digests

Malcolm GETZ. Growth and Decline in U.S. Metropolitan Areas_________________________ 91

Growth rates of metropolitan areas in the United States vary widely. Although each area has a unique story, the driving forces are a high level of specialization in a few industries in each area that capture economies of scale while climate and the delivery of high quality public services also attract growth. Although the U.S. is becoming more intensely urban, there is no tendency for the large metropolitan areas to grow faster than smaller ones.

Book Review

Strelets M.V., Yoffe E.G. are reviewing the book by prominent scientist David Meltser Belarusian Jews in America published in New York in 2014 and in which one can trace a clear scientific novelty concerning personified aspect of the Jewish segment of the American elite genetically related to Belarusian land. Keywords: anti-Semitism, David Meltser, Jews, immigrants, research, Republic of Belarus, elite, emigration__________________________________________________________________________________109

U.S. States

New Mexico (NM) ________________________________________________________________________________________________117

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