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USA * Canada ECONOMICS - POLITICS - CULTURE Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia, 121814

MONTHLY JOURNAL Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

CONTENTS No. 4 (544), April 2015


Bratersky M.V., Suslov D.V. Russia, China and U.S. in Central Asia____________________3

The authors argue that Russia's and U.S.'s turn to Asia started about six years ago, and today's political and economic landscape of Eurasia and APR is determined by the complex interaction of Chinese, American and partly Russian interests in the region. Keywords: the New Silk Way project, Cooperation organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, U.S. and Russia's rebalancing in the Asia Pacific.

Shumilina I.V. Pro-Arab Lobby in the USA___________________________________________________________18

The political and economic lobbying within the decision-making circles in Washington is widely believed to be a common practice. With this regard the Saudi Arabia is usually mentioned as one of the most striking example. Many experts tend to believe that the Saudis are able even to overplay the powerful Pro-Israeli lobby in Washington. Do they threaten the actual American interests in the region, as the Pro-Israeli lobbyists are used to claim? Keywords: U.S.A., Middle East, Obama, Saudi Arabia, the pro-Arab lobbyism, the Israeli lobby, Muslims in the USA, the National Association of Arab Americans (NAA), a negative image of the Arab.

Vasiliev M.V. Strategic Planning in American Universities_________________________________35

Strategic planning is being successfully used in all American Universities. Its widespread application has become lately the result of changes in U.S. educational policies implemented by the Obama Administration. These changes are aimed at increasing the efficiency of federal budget resources distribution which is directly linked with the effectiveness of universities' academic curriculum. Growing financial difficulties are forcing the American universities to behave like corporations in the market. Keywords: strategic planning, higher education system. universities, educational policies of the Obama Administration, economic pay-off from higher education.

Notes, Comments

Zhuravleva V.Yu. American Sanctions on Russia: Smart Power in Action...........53

Obama came into the White House with an idea to change American international image and regain the leader positions. He proposed the concept of smart power as an instrument to restore and extend American influence in the world. The sanctions policy towards Russia is a test of new Presidential concept and his leader positions. Keywords: smart power, parties unity, cooperation between the President and the Congress, foreign policy conception, influence extension, leader positions, sanctions on Russia, presidential heritage.

Issraelian Eu.V. Canadian Participation in Sanctions Against Russia..................64

The growing confrontation between the West and Russia increases the importance of an unbiased assessment of the sanctions policy of each state participating in the campaign against Russia. The article characterizes the main economic and political aspects of the sanctions imposed by Canada which was among the most active proponents of the tough actions against Russia over Ukrainian crisis. Keywords: sanctions, Canada, Russia, economic and political relations between Canada and Russia.

Reader's Deliberations

Kozlov K.V. Two Books on the Role of Geography in Foreign Affairs............... 76

The article gives a profound analysis of two recent books written by the prominent American political scientists - R. Kaplan. The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate? and Harm de Blij. Why Geography Matters More Than Ever, in which the authors consider the role of geography in both world politics and the development of world nations. The main attention is paid to the argument that emphasizes the role of country's place on the globe in its economic, political and cultural fate. Keywords: geography, climate change, people and nations, geopolitics, the concepts of Heartland and Romeland.

Book Review

The book Debt Problem as a 21" Century Phenomenon

(ed. by Prof. A.A. Porokhovsky analyses the most important issue of our days

which affected many countries after the financial crisis of 2008-2009. It is reviewed

by Prof. M. A. Portnoy________________________________ ___________________________________________________________93


Yermakov S.A. Informational Supply

of U.S. Agricultural Sector_____________________________________________________________________________101

Information providing is a key for the development of the U.S. agriculture. The article describes the information supply system of USDA agencies and offices. The author classified informational systems and technologies on the farm and farm-supporting company level. Informational technologies help a farmer to find rational management decision and to value economic efficiency of farming. Keywords: informational providing system, informational technologies, supply chain management system, USDA agencies and offices, management decisions.

U.S. States

New Hampshire (NH)_________________________________________________________________________________________117

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