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USA * Canada


Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,



Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

No. 5 (545), May 2015

70th Anniversary of the Great Victory

Marshal of the Soviet Union I.S. Konev. 1409 Longest Days _

Reprint of the I. Konev's Interview of May 1970 to Our Magazine



Lebedeva L.F., Feygin G.F. The Transatlantic Integration:

Factors & Conditions__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7

The article is focused on the transatlantic integration affected by expanding economic interconnections and shifting power balances, increasing the complexity of integration trends, and by other important changes within the U.S. and Europe. Keywords: transatlantic partnership, globalization, integration, U.S., EU, NAFTA, foreign trade, foreign investment.

Menshikova A.M.. USA and the New Architecture of the Global

Economy and Finance in the 21st Century _________________________________________________________ 17

The article reveals the prospects of the new format of the balance of forces in the global economy of the 21s* century. Based on the analysis of the three main regional centers of the world economy: the West European, North American and Asian-Pacific, the author pays attention to the growing importance of the global world economic development of Asian-Pacific Centre. The article investigates the possibility of integration groupings of countries and regional structures. Keywords: APR, BRICS, APEC, leaders of world economic development, economic cooperation from Atlantic to the Pacific, regional cooperation.

Pechurov S.L. Milestones of Military Intelligence

(in American & British Explication)_____________________________________________________________________ 28

The article traces the history of the military intelligence on the whole and American military intelligence in particular. Almost complete commonality of views of the American and British experts on the special services foundation and activity problems demonstrates common picture of intelligence peculiarities of both countries. Keywords: Intelligence, Armed Forces, Navy, Air Force, Warfare, World War I, World War II, revolution in military affairs.


Yevseenko A.S. Nation Building in the Example

of George W. Bush's Policy in Iraq.....................................................................41

This article considers the U.S. involvement in the construction of political mechanisms in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. The aim of the article is to determine the reasons why the U.S.-led coalition forces failed to create in the short term a political structure, consolidating Iraqi society and thus avoid the growth of ethno-religious violence in Iraq. Keywords: U.S. foreign policy, nation building, the Iraq war.

Travel Notes

Pashkevich S.K. Travel to Russian America.............................................................57

You won't believe it but Alaska's Russian heritage is still alive! The author tells a story of his recent trip to Alaska to find out what the Alaskan lifestyle is and how the memories of the Russian presence in Alaska are still easily recognizable there. These memories of the past are actually everywhere, as geographical points, as the Native people's names and, of course, as the Russian Orthodox churches still in demand by the local folks. This publication represents several excerpts from Sergey Pashkevich's travelogue 'Letters from the Land's End: a journey to Russian America' published in 2014. Keywords: Alaska, Russian America, Russian heritage, Alexander Baranov, Sitka, Anchorage, Iditarod.


Shchukina T.A. Alice Munro: The First Canadian Nobel Prize

Laureate in Literature ........................................................................................ 74

The article is devoted to the life and writing of Alice Munro, the first Canadian author who was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature 2013. Keywords: Canadian literature, Alice Munro, 2013 Nobel Prize in literature.

Science and Technologies

Popova A.O. Organization of R&D in American Corporations:

Key Structural Forms and New Models______________________________________________________________ 82

The article provides a general overview of the key forms of R&D organization in American corporations and the comparison of centralized and decentralized structures. It also covers the issues of choosing the most effective model of organizing R&D activities to gain competitive advantage in today's challenging innovative international environment, based on the examples of IT companies and pharmaceutical corporations. Keywords: American corporations, R&D, centralized and decentralized structures, innovation hubs.

World of Business

Arkhangelsky I.Yu. Fiduciary Management and Responsibility

in Florida State_________________________________________________________________________________________________101

There are two main types of fiduciary management tools legally approved in Florida: power of attorney and managing company. A power of attorney is usually issued by a person. An attorney or/and his office assume an ability to act on the person's be-

half. Managing companies are mostly represented by trust companies or financial institutions. They act on behalf of a trust founder. Under the Florida Law both types of trustees are responsible for the results of fiduciary management. The character of the responsibility, however makes it necessary to establish a control over the trustees' activities. Keywords: durable power of attorney, trustor, trustee, trust, trust company, fiduciary, fiduciary duty.

New Publications

V.A. KREMENIUK. Lessons of the Cold War___________________________________________________115

U.S. States

Ohio (OH) 116

Технический редактор O.H. Никитина Компьютерная вёрстка: Т.В. Лунёва, H.A. Счётчикова Сдано в набор 16.03.2015. Подписано к печати 06.04.2015. Дата выхода в свет 21.05.2015. Формат 70x100 1/16. Печать цифровая. Усл. печ. л. 10,4. Усл. кр.-отт. 1,9 тыс.

Уч.-изд. л. 12,4._Бум, л. 4,0. Тираж 181 экз._Заказ 117._Цена свободная.

Учредители: Российская академия наук, Институт США и Канады Журнал издаётся под руководством

_Отделения глобальных проблем и международных отношений РАЛ_

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