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USA * Canada


Published by the Institute of USA and Canada Studies Russian Academy of Sciences 2/3 Khlebny per., Moscow, Russia,


MONTHLY JOURNAL Acting Editor-in-Chief Vladimir A. Spichkin

CONTENTS No. 6 (546), June 2015


Batiuk V.I. Crisis in Ukraine: Implications for Military Policy

of the USA and NATO____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3

The political crisis in Ukraine has had far-reaching implications for military strategy of the U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Washington and Brussels had to seriously reconsider their assessment of real combat capabilities of the Russian armed forces, its nuclear strategy and the strategy of low intensity conflict. Obviously, this review for many years will determine military policy of the USA and NATO towards Russia. Keywords: crisis in Ukraine, "hybrid warfare", the deployment of troops on a rotational basis, non-lethal arms, nuclear policy.

Anashkina E.B. The Role of the Post-Soviet Space

in U.S. Foreign Policy____________________________________________________________________________________________19

The article describes the main directions of U.S. policy towards post-Soviet States during the presidency of B. Obama. Special attention is paid to the implementation of U.S. policy during the political crisis in Ukraine and its consequences for Russian-American relations. The administration approaches to relations with the CIS States in the American political and academic community assessment as well as evaluation of American experts of the role and place of Russia in the post-Soviet space are analyzed. Keywords: the United States, Russia, CIS States, Russian-American relations.

Economic Survey

Kulakova V.K. Global Role of U.S. Federal Reserve System___________________________________35

The article studies the role that the FRS plays in the emerging global system of financial regulation. Author highlights that global financial regulatory networks are becoming more important in the global regulatory system. The tendency of the FRS forcing American requirements on regulators in other national jurisdictions is intensifying. Keywords: FRS, global financial regulation, regulatory networks..

Notes, Comments

Voiodin D.A. Canada and Militarization of the Arctic.............................................47

Military situation in the Arctic is becoming more complex. On the one hand, relations between Russia and other Arctic countries have deteriorated during the Ukrainian crisis. On the other hand, Arctic countries have started to create standing military structures in the region. It increases the risk of turning the Arctic into a new area of confrontation between Russia and the West. Keywords: militarization of the Arctic, NORAD, Arctic Council, continental shelf.

On the Capitol Hill

Panuyzheva M.M. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership:

U.S. Congress Views ..............................................................................................54

U.S. - EU economic relations are the important factor in the world economy because of its size and scope. The contemporary period implies the adoption of free trade agreement. The approaches of U.S. Congress members, American trade policy makers, its peculiarities, transatlantic trade problems are scrutinized in this work. The conclusions about the U.S. negotiating position and goals, the perspectives of the agreement and the Russia's possible response are made. Keywords: transatlantic relations, free trade agreement, economic growth, trade barriers, trade promotion authority, liberalization, the new world order.


Terebov O.V. 1923 - U.S. Is Searching of a New Polar Land..................................73

The article describes a scientific-political operation, planned by U.S. leadership in 1923, with the aim of exploration by the U.S. Navy of the region between Alaska and the North Pole. The target was to discover new lands there, take them over, and prevent of other states from taking hold in this region. It is argued that a major corruption scandal in 1923-1924 compromised the idea of this expedition, but the principal reason for abandonment of this project was general indifference of the US ruling circles toward establishment of their control over the Arctic. Keywords: Arctic, the North Pole, U.S. administration, U.S. Navy, the Congress the Teapot Dome scandal, dirigible.

Russian Americans

Khisamutdinov A.A. Social Life Of Russian Americans

at the U.S. Pacific Coast ______________________________________________________________________________________91

The focus is on the most important social societies of the Russian diaspora on the Pacific coast of the United States in the late XIX-XX centuries. The article reflects many aspects of the political, cultural and social activities of Russian Americans. This essay is based on materials of periodicals and archival documents. Keywords: Russian Americans, Russian societies in the United States, Russian San Francisco, Russian Alaska, Russian Los Angeles, Russian Seattle.

New Publications

N.A. GEGELASHVILI. The Caspian Region in World Politics__________________________________103

Background Material

Krivolapov O.O. Missile Defense Funding:

Debates during the Presidency of B. Obama__________________________________________________________104

This article delivers an analysis of the debates over the U.S. missile defense funding since 2009 to the present day. The main parties involved were administration officials, democrats and republicans in the Congress, U.S. military industry and lobbyists. The author analyzes each party's complex of arguments, and perspectives of the missile defense funding. Keywords: debates, missile defense funding, missile defense acquisitions, military industry, lobbying.

U.S. States

Oklahoma (OK) 117

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