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DOI: 10.12731/wsd-2014-9.3-4 UDC 93



Bobkova E.Yu.

Goal: Reporting of study results about increment dynamics of the historical knowledge about the issue of the political education of Soviet Army servicemen 1941-1945 in the national historical science.

Research Methodology: study was carried out in problem-chronological manner, using both traditional and innovative methods of studying the historical and historiographical narrative material. Results: the main results of the study is detection of the distinguishing characteristics in the analyzed historiographical stage.

Area of application of the results: research results can be used for integrated historiographical researches about political education of the USSR Armed Forces personnel, as well as for research in other branches of the military history.

Keywords: historiography; political education, Soviet Army, the Great Patriotic War, national history, military history.

The great transformation processes initiated by change civilization paradigms, that began in the national historical science in the middle of the 80s of the last century, most vividly reflected in the Russian historiography publications of the first half of the 90s of the 20 century. This period is

objectively called by many historians "the disintegration of a single historical-scientific space" [1] and "crisis of history" [2, 3].

In the early 90s of the last century the problem of the necessity of actual comprehension of the historical experience, formed in opposition to rapidly filling ideological vacuum of the publicist, was posed in the national historical science.

Was a process of accumulation of particular historical material, opening new directions by removing of the ideological bans and revision of the old approaches [4].

Research Area rapidly cleared of old dogmas and stereotypes. Crisis of Marxist-Leninist methodology led to the collapse of many specific historical concepts of essence and development of the Soviet society [5]. It also led to the problem of political education of the Red Army personnel.

A number of problems associated with the passage of military service by the younger generation and associated with protection of the Fatherland clearly defined in the modern period of the social processes transformation. It has actualized the importance of studying the methodology of political education in Soviet times [6].

The study of the first phase of development of the post-Soviet historiography, modern science, that is free from dogmatized and conceptual principles preceding period, is the scientific importance as historiograph-ical research summarize and generalize the results obtained in the framework of a certain world outlook and epistemological concept, and outline prospects for the development of future research.

A separate area of the historiographical research is the study of the process of historical and scientific knowledge about the problems of the Great Patriotic War.

Total number of historiographical works studying research on various aspects of the history of the Great Patriotic War released in 1992-1995 is 26 pcs., Including 4 books and 22 articles. Historiographical publications is devoted to various aspects of the development of Soviet society during the Great Patriotic War. Problems of political education of the Red Army soldiers is considered fragmented and mediated.

The first half of the 90s of the twentieth century is characterized by active increments of source base (declassification of archival holdings, the publication of selected papers in scientific journals, etc.). That has great affect on the process of thinking and rethinking historiographical problems of the Great Patriotic War, especially in the context of political education.

Works published in the period of 1991-1995 is different by deep historiographical analysis and coverage of a wide range of works devoted to the problems of the Great Patriotic War. Some of these works were written from the standpoint of new methodological approaches.

In general, the following conclusions can be made on the basis of historiographical analysis of the results in the studies about the political education of the Soviet Army soldiers published in the period of 1992-1995:

Increase in the development of historiographical research on certain aspects of the development of Soviet society during the Great Patriotic War was observed in the period of 1992-1995. At the same time there are no historiographical works objectively studying the entire complex of the literature about the political education of personnel of the Soviet Army in the context of the history of the Great Patriotic War.

Critic of the author positions in relation to the achievements of Soviet historiography increases from 1992. Most scientists say about the narrowness of the source base of his predecessors, excessive ideological bias in the works and silence about some aspects and problems. At the same time, it should be noted that since 1993, almost none of the authors have analyzed the scientific form of the assesses works, emotion inherent in the estimates, the level of scientific publications is reduced.


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DATAABOUT THE AUTHOR Bobkova Elena Yuryevna, assistant professor of the humanities and social sciences Department, Ph.D.

Samara Institute (branch) of the Plekhanov Russian Economic University

13, Krasnodonskaya Str., Samara, Samara Region, 443009, Russia e-mail: vica3@yandex.ru

ДАННЫЕ ОБ АВТОРЕ Бобкова Елена Юрьевна, доцент кафедры социально-гуманитарных и естественно-научных дисциплин, кандидат педагогических наук

Самарский институт (филиал) Российского экономического университета им. Г.В. Плеханова

ул. Краснодонская, д.13, г. Самара, Самарская область, 443009, Россия

e-mail: vica3@yandex.ru

SPIN-код в SCIENCE INDEX: 1235-7610

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