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Tidal Power Victor Lyatkher

ISBN: 978-1-118-72091-2 250 pages April 2014


As the global supply of conventional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, dwindles and becomes more and more expensive, unconventional and renewable sources of energy, such as power generation from water sources, is becoming more and more important. Hydropower has been around for decades, but this book suggests new methods that are more cost-effective and less intrusive to the environment for creating power sources from rivers, the tides, and other sources of water.

The energy available from water currents is potentially much greater than society's needs. Presenting a detailed discussion of the costs, risks, and challenges of building power plants that run on hydropower, this highly technical explanation of tidal power plants offers engineers practical applications of highly efficient and cost-effective power systems. Not just useful to engineers working in the field, this treatise is a valuable textbook for students and researchers working in tidal power.

Возобновляемая энергетика. Эффективные решения

Лятхер В.М. Серия Энергетика ISBN 978-5-4344-0012-1

Издательство «ИКИ» 2011 г. Обложка, 172 стр.

Формат 60*84 1/16 Вес 250 г , 264 руб.


Возобновляемая энергетика - модный лозунг современных общественных движений. Под этот лозунг иногда получают заметные политические и материальные выгоды без детального анализа технических и экономических последствий реализации объектов возобновляемой энергетики. На самом деле возобновляемая энергетика при всей своей потенциальной привлекательности может стать значимым компонентом в энергетическом балансе мира лишь в том случае и тогда, когда ее технические и социальные параметры станутэко-номически более привлекательными, чем традиционные энергетические направления. Предлагаемая книга направлена на то, чтобы поставить возобновляемую энергетику, прежде всего энергетику воздушных и вод-


International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology № 07 (147) 2014

© Scientific Technical Centre «TATA», 2014


ных потоков, на достойную экономическую и экологическую базу. Описываемые в книге новые технологии и конструкции создают этому направлению инвестиционную привлекательность при повышенном внимании к экологической безопасности объектов.

Книга может быть интересна профессионалам, работающим в области энергетики и смежных дисциплин (океанология, гидрология, метеорология), студентам соответствующих специальностей, а также широкому кругу читателей, кому небезразлична судьба нынешнего мира и будущих поколений.



Глава 1. Приливные электростанции (ПЭС) без плотин

Глава 2. ПЭС в комплексе с ГЭС, имеющими водохранилища

Глава 3. Отбор энергии и регулирования режима уровня рек без создания плотин и нарушения судоходст-


Глава 4. Экономически оправданное использование энергии ветра в приземных слоях атмосферы Глава 5. Использование энергии высотных струйных течений в атмосфере Глава 6. Производство, хранение и транспортирование водорода


Список публикаций В.М Лятхера после 2000 г.

Wind Power: Turbine Design, Selection, and Optimization

Victor Lyatkher

ISBN: 978-1-118-72092-9 328 pages December 2013



Turbine Design, Selection, and Optimization



An up-to-date and thorough treatment of the technologies, practical applications, and future of wind power, with the pros and cons and technical intricacies of various types of wind turbines and wind power prediction

With the demand for energy outstripping availability from conventional sources such as fossil fuels, new sources of energy must be found. Wind power is the most mature of all of the renewable or alternative sources of energy be-


Международный научный журнал «Альтернативная энергетика и экология» № 07 (147) 2014 © Научно-технический центр «TATA», 2014


ing widely used today. With many old wind turbines becoming obsolete or in need of replacement, new methods and materials for building turbines are constantly being sought after, and troubleshooting, from an engineering perspective, is paramount to the operational efficiency of turbines currently in use.

Wind Power: Turbine Design, Selection, and Optimization:

• Details the technical attributes of various types of wind turbines, including new collinear windmills, orthogonal windmills, non-vibration VAWT wind turbines, and others

• Covers all the updated protocols for wind power and its applications

• Offers a thorough explanation of the current and future state of wind power

• Is suitable not only as a reference for the engineer working with wind power but as a textbook for graduate students, postdoctoral students, and researchers

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing, oldest, and "greenest" of the major sources of renewable energy that has been developed, with more efficient and cost-effective technologies and materials now constantly being sought for turbines and the equipment used with them. Here is a comprehensive and thorough review of the engineering pros and cons of using different kinds of wind turbines in different environments, including offshore. With full technical knowledge, engineers, managers, and other decision-makers in the wind energy industry can make more informed decisions about increasing capacity, cost-efficiency, and equipment longevity.

Covering the various types of wind turbines available, such as new collinear windmills, orthogonal turbines, and others, this highly technical treatment of wind turbines offers engineers, students, and researchers insight into the practical applications of these turbines and their potential for maximum efficiency.

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Table of Contents

Preface vii

1 Transformation of Flow Power 1

2 Collinear Wind Turbines (Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines-HAWTs) 67

3 Orthogonal Wind Units: Mathematical Models 107

4 Ordinary Orthogonal Windmills (Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines -VAWTs) 167

5 The Largest Open Wind Turbines on the Ground or Sea 227

6 The Unit Without External Rotation 263

7 High Jet Power Station 275 Conclusion 305

Author Index 307 Subject Index 309

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Author Information

Victor Lyatkher is a professor, engineer, and inventor and has worked for over thirty years in the wind and hydro-power industry. Educated in Moscow and Leningrad, Dr. Lyatkher has developed and patented numerous processes and machines which deal mainly with renewable energy sources such as tidal power, water turbines, and vertical axis wind turbines. He developed a new method of forecasting long-term variations in the level of the Caspian Sea and designed a new kind of low head turbine. He has been the recipient of several prizes and awards for his accomplishments, including the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Award of the Indian Society of Earthquake Technology, and five medals (in gold, silver and bronze) of the All Union USSR Exhibition. He has published numerous books (in Russian) on the subject of renewable energy, and was the original inventor of the helical turbine, patented in the USSR in 1983.


International Scientific Journal for Alternative Energy and Ecology № 07 (147) 2014

© Scientific Technical Centre «TATA», 2014


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